I Am a Cowgirl in the Boat of Ra: Sarahah 1

after Ishmael Reed

I am a cowgirl in the boat of Ra.

I buy the best lumber I can afford
and take home planks of cedar.
The Egyptians had to import theirs,
and here I am just going down
the road to Home Depot.

YouTube is an excellent teacher—
now I am handy. I know all
about lashing the hull together
and mortise-and-tenon joints.
I am more dangerous with a hammer
than Thor,

but don’t tell him that.
Gods are sometimes jealous
of what we mortals can become—
they remain the same forever
while I change each day.

One response to “I Am a Cowgirl in the Boat of Ra: Sarahah 1”

  1. You are a good guesser, yes you are. Love it.


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