dark moon morning

when the cat who met medusa speaks of ghosts to those alive

and the grass outside is wet after summer heat has died

the wind will carry answers clearer than the cards

and the stars above will watch and offer salves to heal your scars

a time will come for walking with the moon when she is new

and the darkness of the morning is a prayer heard by few

Sarahah 2: The Characters of A Place

I typed 700 zeros
before the box would allow no more.
I pasted into Word and reviewed character spaces.

This is how I found out
how many characters the box allows.
Now, how do I quantify a heart? You left me 85.

Does this mean you are someone
who sees me online and likes the screen
version of me, or do you know the deepest parts

I leave unsaid? That’s the most powerful
version of acceptance. 85 hearts from someone
who knows me—those are real hearts I can return.


It wasn’t until I came
to Texas that the word love was thrown
around like a ball to be caught by the closest body.

I Am a Cowgirl in the Boat of Ra: Sarahah 1

after Ishmael Reed

I am a cowgirl in the boat of Ra.

I buy the best lumber I can afford
and take home planks of cedar.
The Egyptians had to import theirs,
and here I am just going down
the road to Home Depot.

YouTube is an excellent teacher—
now I am handy. I know all
about lashing the hull together
and mortise-and-tenon joints.
I am more dangerous with a hammer
than Thor,

but don’t tell him that.
Gods are sometimes jealous
of what we mortals can become—
they remain the same forever
while I change each day.